Why we love what we do


I'm Aundra Johnson,  we are in the mist of a Biblical Paradigm! What was, Is today! PARADIGM meaning- An example Serving as a model or pattern, a template, values and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality. (WORLDVIEW) This brought me to the place where we had to find a way to support The New Norm as we work with the WORLD GLOBAL RESET RESTORATION NETWORK FAMILY. THE NEW NORM has and is bringing about a change and I was lead to start this new product line for The New Norm. It has been a blessing working and creating new products in This New Norm. You can see as we deal with The New Norm that we need products to help us (We the people) to know and understand what is really going on in the world today. The products are designed to peek the interest of those who may need help understanding what is going on in this world today. To purchase any of these high quality products to spread the word and show the world you are protected under The Global Network, contact Aundra Johnson at 870-850-6061 or Click on the product for complete description.  Merchandise Sales help support our Administrative costs. Peace and Love  

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